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SprintRay Die & Model Gray 2 Resin

SprintRay Die & Model Gray 2 Resin

SprintRay Die and Model

2 Gray

Rapidly 3D Print Models for Aligner Production

SprintRay Die & Model 2 represents a big step forward in dental modelling materials. Our new gray colour offers extremely high colour contrast to help illustrate details. This new resin features almost no pigment settling, which means you can spend more time printing and less time mixing. Improved adhesion to the build plate is matched by an increase in flexural modulus and strength, providing higher success rates and a reduced chance of breakage.

A reduced odour improves the quality of life for 3D printing models for an overall experience that your practice staff will love. Die & Model 2 Gray features an improved colour tone, making it easier than ever to use digital technology to perform advanced restorative dentistry. With rapid, repeatable results that are easier than ever to use, Die & Model 2 Gray is helping to bring dental 3D printing into dental practices everywhere.

  • Improved flexural modulus and strength
  • Up to 10% faster print speeds
  • Print up to eight full arch models in just 15 minutes*
  • High-contrast colour for maximum visibility of small details
  • Easy to separate from thermoforming materials
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