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SprintRay Pro55/Pro55S Tank With Optical Polish

SprintRay Pro55/Pro55S Tank With Optical Polish

SprintRay resin tanks now equipped with proprietary new Optical Polish technology enables users to 3D print dental appliances directly with a glossy, pre-polished surface, reducing the need for manual post-polishing and streamlining workflow and production time for nightguards, models, dentures, full arch hybrids and more. Resin tank works in perfect tandem with the printer to track resin usage and tank lifetime. The tank has an expected life of up to 15 liters of resin.

Includes resin tank and tank cover. Multiple tanks are essential for high-volume clinics and labs. Switch between materials seamlessly and without the time and messiness of pouring resin back into the bottle. Dedicate one tank to each frequently-used material for maximum production throughput.

Compatible with SprintRay Pro 55 and Pro 55S 3D printers.

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