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SprintRay Pro 95 (stand alone)

SprintRay Pro 95 (stand alone)

SprintRay Pro 95

Accurate production and high throughput for all manner of dental appliances.

SprintRay Pro 95 is the perfect 3D printer for dental offices that want to deliver on the promises of in-office production. Featuring unmatched throughput, high accuracy, and a high flexibility, Pro95 is the right choice for most dental practices. Incredible accuracy, repeatability, and user-friendliness means you can always deliver an outstanding patient experience.

  • Surgical Guides
  • Models for Aligner Production
  • Digital Dentures and Try-ins
  • Study and Wax-up Models
  • Indirect Bonding Trays
  • Occlusal Guards

Shipment and installation date will be consulted with the customer. Price includes: shipping, installation, demonstration and staff training.
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